Victim Witness Coordinator

Victim/Witness Coordinator

Miriam Smette

Mailing Address:
Towner Office:
407 Main St. S. Room 307
Towner, ND 58788

Phone Number: (701) 537-5904
Office/Fax Number: (701) 537-5160

E-mail Address:

The Victim/Witness Coordinator provides information and coordinates services to victims and witnesses
of criminal matters being prosecuted through the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office. The
Victim/Witness Coordinator notifies victims and/or witnesses of any upcoming court proceedings and
receives input on potential plea agreements. The Victim/Witness Coordinator works with victims to
gather Victim Impact Statements for the State’s Attorney to present at sentencing for the Court’s
consideration. The Victim/Witness Coordinator also gathers restitution information for criminal files.
The Victim/Witness Coordinator also provides applications for restraining and protection orders to
requesting members of the public. She explains the forms, the process of filling out and filing the forms,
and addresses any questions the applicant may have.

Visits: 282