Social Services

McHenry County Social Services Director:

Erika Brorby

Mailing Address:
407 Main Street South, Room 106
Towner, ND 58788

Phone Number: (701) 537-5944
Fax Number: (701) 537-5417

E-mail Address:

Social Services provides eligibility programs for economic assistance, child welfare services and programs for the elderly and disabled

The role of Social Services for eligibility programs is to determine eligibility for financial assistance to low income individuals and families, including eligibility for food stamps, fuel assistance, temporary assistance to needy families, child care assistance and Medicaid programs.

Child welfare programs include: child protection, case management, foster care for children, foster care licensing of homes, parent aide services, childcare licensing, children’s special health services and referral services.

The adult services include: case management (assessment, developing a care plan, authorizing and monitoring in-home services) for clients that are elderly and/or disabled.

Non-Discrimination to Client/Recipients Policy:
It is the policy of the McHenry County Social Services Board to assure that all applicants for, or recipients of services or assistance from programs administered by the board shall not be subjected to discrimination or denied the benefit of such services or assistance on the basis of an applicant’s or recipient’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, political beliefs, age, disability or marital status.

This requirement shall also be extended for any organizational entity that provides a contracted service with funds obtained from the McHenry County Social Services Board. Any questions or concerns regarding this policy or persons needing accommodations, please contact the social services director.

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