Adults Services

Adult services are designed to help people remain in their own homes or possibly return home from an institution. There are no age requirements, other than our clients must be adults. Our clients frequently are elderly, but the eligibility requirements are simply that they be physically or mentally impaired to such an extent that they are not able to provide their own personal cares or do their own housekeeping tasks. This group of services is called the Home and Community Based Services program.

County Social Services provides the assessments needed to become eligible for these services. Programs are funded via State and Federal dollars, depending on the program. There are numerous programs under the Home and Community Based Services umbrella; all are designed to assist individuals who meet the impairment criteria that challenges their ability to remain in their own homes. Family members can become approved as Qualified Service Providers through the State to provide the needed care for their relatives and can be paid for services approved on the individual care plan. There are also services available to assist individuals to transition from institutional care back to their homes.

All services are dependent upon availability of providers within your area or providers that are willing to travel to your area. Individuals must also meet the level of impairment necessary and meet the income guidelines. Further information is available at the state web site:

Staff at McHenry County Social Services is available to answer questions about receiving services or becoming a provider. Please call our office at 701-537-5944 and ask for Cheryl or email her at:

Qualified Service Provider:
Qualified Service Providers are individuals or agencies that have met all the standards/requirements and have agreed to provide services to clients who receive services funded by the N.D. Department of Human Services. For additional information, please visit Qualified Service Provider/Home Community Based Services

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